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We know that 99% of business content is lazy.

And lazy isn’t our thing. We’re making the Chef’s Table of business content.

You’re here because you wanna reach a discerning audience that’s engaged with ultra high-quality, long-form creative content—where everyone’s participating and asking the questions that define our time.

Not Not Business Episode 1 Guest Jessie Shipman with Ryan Robinson and James Urie

Not Not Business is a bold exploration of how we can make work meaningful in our society today, featuring exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, creatives, and thought leaders from around the world.

Season 1 is now booking sponsorships

Our first season will be a 10-episode run.

Not Not Business Tunnel Shot

We’re aiming to create aligned guest to sponsor matches with each of our episodes this season—the guest for the episode you sponsor, will be directly aligned with topical authority and wide reach into your ICP.

We bring our own audience, too. You can expect to reach an audience of viewers humans who actively seek insight, inspiration, thought leadership, and actionable guidance on making a living while living a fulfilling life—from established figures in business & the arts.

Not Not Business Ryan Terminator

One of our hosts, Ryan Robinson, has been teaching about building online businesses since 2014. He reaches a sizable, engaged audience—and Not Not Business gains exposure to his crew through blog posts, videos, social posts, and companion podcast episodes.

Audience reach highlights:

  • 1.6 Million+ yearly blog readers
  • 73,882+ engaged email subscribers
  • 500k+ podcast downloads
  • 4k+ YouTube subscribers
  • 50k+ social followers (LinkedIn, Twitter, IG, TikTok)
Ryan's audience reach Not Not Business deck

If you like what you see, and want to get in front of our audience… drop James a quick line and he’ll be in touch if your brand is a good fit for our mission.